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Saturday, February 19, 2011

....some furniture arrives

So, we ordered beds, TV, computer LCD screens for the kids, a couch, vacuum, Max's dresser and a TV stand the first weekend we arrived.  As noted in blog below, there was much speculation as to when they would finally arrive, but they did....kind of.

We got everything but the master bed frame (which we knew had to be backordered) and low and behold, we got (and paid for) two TVs.  I told the delivery people "no, no only one" but they said they had to leave it and we would have to go to the store to sort it out.  Samantha's bed frame and box spring arrived, but no mattress.....and lastly, the couch we ordered was too big for the elevator and the stairs in the apartment building.  The delivery guys said there was no way to get it up to the apartment!  There was a conversation, which involved charades, and it was determined that the couch would go back with them and that it could be possible that it would take a CRANE to lift it up and bring it through the window in the living room!  But again, we were to return to the store to sort it out.

So today we went to the store via tram and Metro.  It has been raining most of the day, but with the number of stops the Metro has, it placed us almost at the store's main doors.
Lovin' the Metro

Decided to forgo the crane method of delivery for the couch (plus the 300 Euro it would cost) and decided that we would change couch choices.  Found another that we were assured would be able to fit into the apartment building and were told it will be delivered, along with Samantha's mattress this Wednesday.  I will NOT hold my breath based on the last delivery promise, but maybe, just maybe.....

Also went and picked out a microwave and other small appliances (electric toothbrush, razor, etc) and got long cable Patrick required to set up the TV.  So slowly the apartment is turning into something habitable!

The dogs are also settling in nicely.  They already know which way to turn off the elevator to get back to the apartment and are getting on a potty schedule without trouble!  Morgan still has a tendency to bark at the small noises but getting less and less each day.  Einstein is actually adjusting a little better, much to our surprise.  She gets her business done quickly while Morgan has a tendency to get "off topic" and has to be reminded what the goal is!

Kids have one more week of "winter break" and then start school 3/1/11 (YEAH!).  Both are ready to go back to school as staying home "is soooo boring"!!

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