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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

....I had a birthday

.....but enough about that!

We did go exploring on Sunday and decided to try our hand at some of the brocantes (kinda like giant yard sales with many vendors).  It was very interesting.  There was your usual junk (but one man's junk is another's treasure...so they say) and then there were the lovely antiques.  You could basically go from some questionable looking stuff to vintage treasures.  It was fun looking at all the stuff.  The kids even enjoyed it.

After that we decided to get some lunch.  We could hear music from some street performers and as we turned the corner to get a better look, we saw lunch!
Advertised in the window
Tex-Mex cuisine
It was perfect.  It had burgers for the kids and mexican for Patrick and me.  We sat outside (cafe style) and listened to the music which only lasted about 20 more minutes, but that was fine 'cause it was kinda loud!  It was kind of ironic because although it was my birthday, Indiana is where Patrick was born!

I had a yummy beef brisket burrito with rice
and light "white" beer

The cafe was near the Bastille.  The old location of the fort is now called the Place de la Bastille. The large ditch behind the fort has been transformed into a marina for boats.The original outline of the fort is also marked on the pavement of streets and sidewalks that pass over its former location paving stones.
Monument in the roundabout