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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

....we are back online!

Let me just start by saying February has NEVER been a good month for me!  Things go awry for me in February.  Unfortunately, moving across the ocean did not break this streak.  It followed me!  BLAH!

There is too much to go into detail (plus I don't want to re-live or re-hash) about these events but I will do a quick list of some of the "major" highlights!

1.  Upon arrival in the apartment, we find the water has been turned off.  There is a leak in the bathroom sink and not only does all the water have to be off, it has been leaking so much (before we came) that it has damaged the apartment below us.  Nice impression to make on the neighbors, huh?
2.  Plumber comes and takes offending faucet off and caps the line, so we can have water again.  In broken French and English and charades we determine that he will come back and replace the faucet in 3 or 4 days.  Which he does (in the 4 days as the French are not the most time conscious people.  More examples below!)
3.  I receive my kitchen appliances.  Yeah!  My first load of laundry, water all over the floor!  Okay, I can deal with this short term.  Relying on my memories of old washing machines I have known (my grandmother had a cabin and I seem to remember her doing this), I take the hose and put it in the sink to catch the water.  Fixed for now.  I look under the sink and see that the pipe of the washing machine is very curvy, so I switch dishwasher and washing machine hoses and this works like a charm!
4.  I try to use my new bank card.  Had the wrong pin, got "locked out" of the system and had to order a new card.  New card comes, try to use it before leaving the bank to activate it, bank machine eats new card.  It seems one must wait a FULL 8 days before trying new card and I had only waited 7 1/2!  So now, my card won't work until NEXT Thursday.
5.  Take a trip to the grocery store.  BIG adventure.  By bus. With two kids.  We get there and pick up some items, go to checkout, and guess what, my American debit card won't work nor will any of the other cards I have a my disposal.  LOOSE IT, have to call Patrick to come down there as I now need adult supervision.  Someone from his work drives him to our location (out in front of the store).  We go back in and re-shop and use his bank card which works.
6.  Go buy beds and couch and TV.  Will be delivered 2/10/11.  No delivery arrives.  We call and are told it will now be 2/15/11.  No delivery.  Patrick is back at the hotel, but the kids and I are sleeping in the apartment on the floor (me) and some fold out chairs we bought for the kid's rooms and lugged home when we rented a car last weekend.  Call my relocation person so she can deal with them in French and she is told by the delivery service that it has already been delivered!  She calls another person who says "no" and that it will be delivered 2/17/11 for sure.  However, Patrick checked out of the hotel because the beds were supposed to be here, so now all of us are sleeping in various rooms that have throw rugs we have already purchased and two fold out chairs until Thursday!

Enough for now....the saga continues, but I must shower and start my day.  I'm sure Paris has other "suprises" for me today.  But, just keep swimming, swimming.
Waiting for the bus can be fun if there is large equipment involved

Max hamming it up!

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