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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

...lost in translation

Often in my travels around the city, I pretend that I am "practicing my French" by reading signs.  But what I am really looking out for is funny signs.  I think some shop owners think it's cool or hip to try and throw in a English word, however, sometimes it doesn't work....

There is also a restaurant I haven't been able to get
a picture of yet called "Eat Meat"

This is a really nice (and pricey) store

Sound it out.....

Sometimes using your 
"family name" is not a
good idea if it means 
something else in another language....

The "a louer" sign means that this place is for rent...
Guess no one wanted Swedish sushi

And sometimes things just really make no sense together..
Kinda like cheese puffs...only curry flavor
(yeah, not good....)
But then sometimes they do have a sense of humor!
This is for water park close to our apartment (this poster is on the back of a bus)
The title:  "Roast Your Peach"

It will be keeping my eyes open for more.......