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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

........we have an addition

So I am certifiably crazy!  We have added to the zoo that is Askham Drive.

Back Story:  Yesterday, we took the kids to the Y pool.  Max brought along his friend Charlie.  When we took Charlie home, Max and Patrick went to the door with him to drop him off.  A few minutes later, Max and Patrick come back to the car.  Patrick has his head down, kinda shaking it and tells Charlie's dad, Chuck, to "ask her 'cause it's up up to her".  I'm thinking "sleepover" or keeping Charlie an extra hour or something......Nope.

Chuck tells me his sister has found an iguana and is taking it to the SPCA tomorrow.  She had posted signs around her house and asked the neighbors, but no one has claimed the critter.  So, the kids hear this and immediately start begging for it.  Patrick tells me it's my decision.  Now this is the same man who told me I could only have the following animals:  Unicorn, Jackalope, Dragon.

So I took the lady's name and number and told everyone I would have to think about it.  I loved our last lizard, Spike, who died about 2 years ago.  It broke my heart when she died.  So, I'm thinking, "do I want to go through that again?".  Well, obviously, I am a sucker.  I called the Aunt and told her we would take it.  

After a quick clean up of part of my office, we brought out Spike's old tank, heat lamps and lights and set it up.

So today after school, we trekked out to North Raleigh and picked up the iguana.  I was surprised!  This is a juvenile iguana.  Only about a foot long.  The lady had been keeping it in a plastic box and it was very docile.

The dogs are fascinated and keep going in to stare in the tank.  Zilla just kinds cocks her head and looks at them.  Adding some heat to her environment has also really perked her up.  She hasn't eaten anything yet, but I think she is just trying to catch up on her heat.

It's official.......we are outnumbered~  The animals win!