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Friday, February 18, 2011

...we are finally sorting out schools

So, after much paperwork and many passport photos, it looks as if Samantha will be attending the American School of Paris starting 2/28/11 since they are on Winter Break right now.  This is the school we originally wanted both kids in, but because of the timing they do not have the support staff to handle Max's reading delays.  All their resource teachers have been assigned early in the year, so perhaps in September, they can take Max as well.

Max got accepted to the British School of Paris and is excited about it.  Everyone knows how the Brits love their football (soccer to you Yanks) and "they talk like Harry Potter".  Alas, the one draw back for him is that there is a uniform!  Anyone who knows my son knows that he thinks collared shirts are the devil's own design!  I personally don't know where that philosophy came from, but getting him to wear one is like trying to get a pig in a dress ~ It just makes you and the pig angry!  We are going today to visit the campus and hopefully he will see that everybody is NOT bursting into flames from wearing a collar and that it will be okay.

Patrick has heard at work the British School is really good.  There is a woman he works with who has her son there and they even moved apartments on their expat assignment (which is unheard of once you experience it once!) to be closer the school.  Perhaps Samantha will be changing schools......Max is slated to start 3/1/11 after Winter Break.

Well must be off and hit the shower.  Got to get the kids up and ready since getting to the British School will require a trip on the Metro.  Lets just hope the British School's bus stops close to the apartment for the ride in!

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