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Friday, February 18, 2011

....a quick side note!

Both kids will be attending the British School of Paris starting 3/1/11!  Max got accepted and we had every intention of sending Samantha to the American School of Paris, but after the tour by the lower school's headmaster, we decided that the British School was much nicer and thought that it would also be easier to have both kids in the same place.  Max wasn't thrilled that his sister decided she really liked the school too and wanted to go.  He wanted to be the only Casseday there!  Oh well......

So while it is not as close to the apartment as the American School, it does have a bus stop down the hill from the apartment at the train station.  So the kids can walk to the station with Patrick in the morning and I will meet them in the afternoon.  It is a lovely school and the kids are excited about it.  They also like the British labeling as they are not "4th graders" but "5th year" students since the British count Kindergarten as Year One, First Grade=Year Two, etc....  They both immediately drew parallels to Harry Potter, but I told them no wands, robes, or O.W.L.S. to pass!  Uniforms will have to worn (no problem for Samantha, but Max was less than thrilled) and said uniforms have to be purchased from the school with the logo on them. Another expense, but easier in the morning!


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