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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

....some more thoughts and photos

So as I have said before, I am having to walk the dogs about 4 times a day.  Not bad really....  They are getting the swing of it and know what to do and have even started to stroll back home after conducting "business" instead of yanking me to death.  The one thing they really need work on is proper elevator manners!  Morgan loves the elevator.  I don't know if it is because she has learned this is the way out or if she likes to look at herself in the mirrored walls.  She runs right up to the doors and pokes them with her nose as if to say "I am here.  Open".
"Open, open, open"
That would be okay if we were the only ones using the elevator, but alas we are not.  Last Sunday, as I was returning with the girls from their morning stroll, Morgan walks up to the elevator doors in the lobby and stands there.  The doors opened and we were greeted with a scream!  There was a man and woman in the elevator and apparently the lady had never seen a dog before (that's what I'm guessing).  Imagine that!  So after much "excusez-moi", "pardonnez-moi" and "les chiens sont agréables (the dogs are nice)", we parted ways.  Hope that French lady gets over her trauma!
Einstein is still unsure about the
"moving room"

The other nice things about going for walks with the girls is Spring is starting to show up and everything is starting to bloom.  Isn't there a song about springtime in Paris?  Here are just a few of the early bloomers we have seen on our walks.

Even the weeds in the grass are kinda pretty.........

Of course, even the most common things here in Paris have to be pretty.  This is a picture of one of many tiles set into the sidewalk outside the Hotel Regina by the Louvre.  Not a great picture, but pretty mosaic tile.