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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

.....catching up

So I haven't forgotten, just really having a hard time making time.  Kids are out for summer and we all are just enjoying lazy days before we go on vacation.  We are taking a road trip in the beginning of August to Geneva, Salzburg and Southern Germany.

So here is what I have collected in my Photo A Day journey 

Day 13- Open
Cool opener at friend's house where we went to
celebrate Bastille Day

Day 13 - Open (Part Two)
Soldes is going on, so now is the rare time
when you can shop Galleries Lafayette on a Sunday

Day 14 - Building
I mean, come on, I'm in Paris!
No matter where I point a camera, I'm gonna get
an interesting building!
Day 14 - Building
It's the detail that always amazes me. The more you look,
the more you find.
This is an apartment building down by the Eiffel.

Day 15 - Finger
Feeding the pigeons at
Notre Dame

Day 16 - Sign
Love the pictograms!
This was taken in a cemetery in Montmarte
Don't feed the cat!
Day 17 - My Addiction
But at least in Europe, I am no longer
in the minority!

Day 18 - Plate
My new pie plate
Found this great piece with design called
"Provence" with scenes I can relate to!
Yep, it can really look like that here.
Maker of the line.
Really want to collect it all!