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Monday, February 21, 2011

...we visited the gargoyles and had ice cream

Sunday we decided to set out and see a couple Paris institutions.  So we took the Metro to the Champs-Elysées, you know, the most famous shopping district in France! 

 We figured we would start with a trip to the Paris Saint Germain Soccer store for Max.  We had laid down the ground rules ~ NO jerseys.  Glad we did because at 100 Euros each, one could quickly go broke.  He settled for a poster and a pencil pouch complete with pencil, sharpener, eraser and ruler.  Then we headed across the street to the Disney Store for Samantha.  Wow, two floors of Disney complete with grand spiral staircase to access downstairs!  She decided since she had to leave a lot of stuffed animals in N.C. that she would get a small King Louis (the Orangutan) from Jungle Book. I was then forced (ok, not really!) to sing his song, "Oo, oo, oo, I wanna be like you, you, you" until I was told to stop!  Ah, nothing like embarassing your kids!

We stopped for some lunch, French pizza for the 3 of them and a salad for me.  Max's favorite right now is a "bacon and egg" pizza.  

Yep, that's a sunny side up egg in the middle of the pizza.  Not bad really and bacon here is more like sliced ham.

Then we took off to find the famous ice cream.  
The Berthillon ice cream shop, on a small island in the Seine, is known for its all natural ice cream. Unfortunately, the main shop was closed for holiday but other shops around serve their ice cream. So we stopped and had a yummy treat. We WILL be going back. They say to get the full experience you have to go to the original shop.

After ice cream, we went to Notre Dame to see the church and the gargoyles. The kids were impressed with size of the church and all the stained glass. We showed them the gargoyles on the outside and told them to look for Quasimodo. The line to climb the steps to see the gargoyles up close was long, so we opted to do that another time.

One of the famous stained glass windows in Notre Dam

Took the Metro home, with Max counting down the stops (his new favorite thing to do to pass time on the Metro) and Patrick set up the kids' computers.

It was a good weekend and we look forward to many more, seeing the sites and eating our way through Paris!

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