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Thursday, May 24, 2012

...weird Frenchie pizza

We have Dominos.  We have Pizza Hut.  But their pizzas are not what you would find in the U.S.

Yep, those are strips of bacon laid on top.
For a promo shot, those strips are looking a little underdone for me.

Stuffed crust?  French style.
Yep, those are pockets of cheese balls.

They also have had a promo around for the Curry Pizza (couldn't find a picture).  Just picture a yellow pizza with chunks of chicken on it......yep, not a pretty picture.

We also have places with funny names like Speed Rabbit, Allo Pizza and Web Pizza.
Oddly, not on the world wide web for ordering......

Despite the name, slowest delivery experience yet!

Haven't tried them.  Seen the shops.
They look as dodgy as the fella on the logo!

But never fear.  We have found our favorite "to go" pizza  joint.  No logo to show, but it is called Pizza West.  Even better, it's on Patrick's way home, so Friday has been declared "pizza night" at our house since he has the car on Fridays.

Pepperoni just like home

Green pepper, beef and pepperoni.  Yum!

They also have really good chicken wings.  Bonus!