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Monday, October 17, 2011


No, nothing is slowly leaking air over here.  The word (because it is used as a word here), pffft, should truly be included in all beginning French lessons.

You hear it daily.  You hear it from the old, young, men, and women; heck, I think French animals say it! 

What does it mean, you may ask?  Well that’s where it gets kinda tricky.  It is one of those words in which the situation has to be evaluated to get the true meaning. 

It can be synonymous to a scoff; used to express a feeling of indifference or lack of interest.

Or the sound you make when someone does something stupid.
Or a substitute for a swear.
Or an expression of mild contempt or dismissal. (Usually made in response upon seeing/hearing nonsense or bull&#!&).
Or used to mark rejection to a snub or any other perceived social slight.

Basically whenever you think something or someone is below you or wasting your time......Pffft!

There is also a physical aspect that must accompany the Pffft.  Just sound it out...and then make a gesture with your right arm moving up really fast, while saying Pffft. Or the full French shoulder shrug, which really puts the oomph in the Pfft.

This lesson has been brought to you from the society that has perfected the art of being blasé.