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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I know I'm in Paris when I see........

Today we decided to start the day by going down to the Eiffel Tower and perhaps taking a ride to the top.  The kids have been wanting to do this since we got here.  So we took the Metro, because there is absolutely NO parking down there, and were greeted by throngs of people already in line at 10:00 a.m.  I mean this line was crazy long!  Worse than any line I have seen at Disney or major concert!  I mean this thing wound around like a snake for about a mile.  So the kids said "we'll pass and come back, maybe on a weekday".  Whew!
See the people on the second tier?
It's a 45 minute wait for the elevator from this point to go to the top!

As we walked under and away from the Eiffel, we heard a dog barking very excitedly.  We came up on an area where there were about 6 or 7 dogs having a "play date".  The barker was a golden retriever closely following his owner who was occasionally throwing a tennis ball for him.  He would bring it back to her and start the process all over again.  This dog was excited about something so we kept an eye on him and his owner and since were walking in the same direction, saw what this puppy was so excited about.
Following his tennis ball!

Dogs swimming in a fountain in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower
There were about 4 or 5 dogs just wading around like little kids!  The edges were a little steep so owners would occasionally have to help their dogs out, but they all just kept jumping back in!

We walked on in search of some lunch.  On our walk we passed a lot of markets.  These are common sites and one of the things I will never get tired of seeing.  It's amazing that they set these up and break them down daily.  

Seafood sounds so much better in French
fruits de mer
(literally "fruits of the sea"

Then there are the flowers.......

Then there is stuff......
Need some shoes?

On our walk to lunch we saw carriages getting ready for the afternoon.  There was one carriage that stood out......
Going to the ball?

We found a nice place to eat on a corner.  Great people watching!  Since the weather has changed and Spring has arrived, every restaurant that has sidewalk space has outdoor seating, which we took advantage of.  The kids were thrilled because they had burgers and fries.  It was a little pricey, but everything within walking distance of the Eiffel tends to be.  Also in France, there is no such thing as free refills and Coke is an imported product!  So we have had to tell the kids "only on drink per meal and then it's water" because......

My wine 4,15 Euros
Samantha's Coke 5,00 Euros 

Patrick's 1/2 liter beer - 8,50 Euros
Max's 10 oz Sprite - 5,00 Euros
After lunch we walked around a little more, then jumped the Metro back home.  Tomorrow is Easter and we are supposed to attend an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by a group I joined of English speakers.  Has been cloudy and a little rainy this afternoon, but hoping that it clears up by tomorrow afternoon.

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