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Monday, May 2, 2011

Things that make you go hmmmm...

This weekend we went to Sacré-Cœur and the Montmartre neighborhood.  This has to be one of the most popular places for tourists.  It was crowded but there was something to see at every turn.  Of course, the cathedral is the centerpiece.
just a few folks.....

As we were wandering the surrounding neighborhoods, we crossed a bridge and saw the most spectacular cemetery.  It was quite old and we only went part way in, but I wouldn't mind going back and wandering around sans kids so I could take my time.  It is the Cimetiere de Montmarte.  Even though we only went part way in, we saw some interesting things.

The first thing I saw was this sign.
This is what it looks like closer up.
Lots of "can'ts"

The kids were looking at it and asked me about the middle row, middle square....  "Mom, who would bring their cat to the cemetery?" and "why can't you feed your cat?".  Reading below the picture in my limited French, I deduced that they aren't objecting to feeding your OWN cat, just don't feed the cats that supposedly roam the cemetery.  Oh, okay.....  Next question (middle row, first picture) "why can't you throw stuff away?".  Again, reading the caption as best I could, I figured out that no one is supposed to throw any flowers away they might find on the graves.  I guess they have someone who does that, but I did see A LOT of dead flowers around on graves.  Maybe they don't thrown them away and leave the flower maintenance for the families.....

As we walked on, I noticed a grave that gave me pause.  
Is that a small tire made of concert on the grave?
On further investigation I noticed the engraving on the headstone.....
Is that why there is a tire on this grave?
Was he run over by a Fiat?
We walked on and saw this cool statue.
Max trying to give high five!

Sam and man in the wall

Didn't quite make in through!

There were also street performers around, but this guy was impressive.  That is some dedication to his art!
Bronze man is real!

I have more to share, but must go and start my day.  Will post again soon to share the rest of the pictures!

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