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Monday, April 18, 2011

I got a little behind on my posting.

This weekend we did some fun stuff.....got a car......took the dogs to the Parc de Saint Cloud......went to Ikea (again!!) 'cause we had to return something.....

But last weekend, we had some fun too!  We live right down the road from a beautiful pedestrian bridge that leads into the a huge green space know as Bois de Boulogne.  But I had been told that if you take a sharp turn off the bridge, you can walk along the Seine on a trail that goes along by the houseboats and few people know about it and therefore it is less populated.  We found the path without problem and walked for awhile.  We came upon a area that was open field and turned the girls loose!
Happy, Happy!

Nice dog....looking pretty!
Einstein doing her fox impression

Flower Girl

As we crossed the bridge, we could see houseboats along the banks of the Seine.  They came in many shape and sizes.  Some done up nicely; others you kinda had to wonder how they were still afloat.  But one really stood out.  
Is that a gator!
Concrete alligator chained to the roof of a houseboat.
Gotta love someone with a sense of humor!

As I walk around the neighborhood, I am seeing lots of flowers and plants.  I think I may have discovered a patch of blackberries (no fruit yet) by the Tram station.  

I am seeing these flowers in decorative beds all over.  Anyone know what they are?  They are about two feet tall and the blooms hang upside down!  The bloom colors I have seen have been yellow and orange/red.
This is what they look like looking up into the bloom

Love how the blooms hang down.

 I think these are lilacs....  They grow wild here (kinda like honeysuckle in N.C.) and you see them all over.

This is a beautiful blooming tree in the park where I take the dogs for their walks.  There are pink ones and white ones.  Now that the blooms are falling off, it looks like colorful snow around the trees and on the walkways.

Pink snow

That's all for now....sorry it's a short post!  Kids are out for another week on Spring Break and Patrick is taking Friday off to make a four day weekend over Easter, so I am sure I will have more tales to tell and pictures to share.

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