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Thursday, February 24, 2011

....lionfish, tiger sharks and eels! Oh My!

Well after being cooped up in the house waiting on furniture to show (or not to show), I decided the kids and I would go on an adventure.  So one Tram ride and two buses later (not as bad as it sounds~only abount 25 minutes total) we arrived at Trocadero and the Paris Aquarium!

A little pricey to get in, but it was amazing.  Plus we got to see the Eiffel Tower again close up since the aquarium is so close.  Lots of cool fish and a good number of sharks, which pleased Max.  There was "touch pool" filled with koi and both kids got to touch one.  The consensus was that they are "slimy and smooth".

Of course, even here in Paris, they exit you through the gift shop, so each kid got a stuffed critter to remember this adventure.  Max, of course, choose a hammerhead shark and Samantha got a stingray.  No names have been assigned yet.

There was a whole tank of eels that was quite scary looking but I couldn't get a good picture of them because the tank was in the shadows.

There were these great theater-like sitting areas scattered around inside where you could sit and watch the tanks like a movie.  

There were also real movies you could see, however they were all in French so we bypassed them.  Maybe in couple of months we will have a better handle on the language and be able to enjoy them!

Now give us kiss.......

and we will bid you

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