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Monday, February 28, 2011

.....we explored

Sunday we decided to get on the bus and just take it 'til we saw something interesting.  While we saw lots of shops, most places aren't open on Sunday, so we took the bus to the end of the line and walked around.  Found a cafe and since the children were cranky and in need of the potty, we decided it was a good place for lunch.  Lucky us!  We actually had a waiter with a sense of humor!  He joked around with kids and generally made it a most pleasant lunch! 

After we finished, we walked down to the Carrousel and Tuileries Gardens.  There was a small playground there and we decided to stop and let the kids play.  Unfortunately, while climbing one of the structures, Max lost his new cell phone.  After a fruitless search, we walked on to the Musée du Louvre.
Looking straight up

Through the side
Since it was already 3:30 p.m. we just went into the common area under the glass pyramid.  We did find out that if the kids bring their passports, they get into the exhibits free!  Under 18 is free with proof of age and all others are 10 Euro.  Not too bad if you make a whole day of it and with the size of the Louvre you need about 365 days to get through it.  In the common area you can see some of reliefs that were on the buildings as well as access a shopping plaza.

After looking around for awhile, got on the Metro and came home.  

Today, Monday 2/28/11, the kids and I went in search of a Orange (one of the mobile services here) Store with a clerk who spoke English.  After two failed tries, boarded the Metro for a different shopping area and there found a clerk who spoke English! YEAH!  Got Max a new phone with temporary service for now.  

We then purchased some school supplies, since the kids start at the British School tomorrow.  I wasn't sure what they would need exactly, but didn't want to send them empty handed, so purchased notebooks for each as well as pencils, easers, highlighters, etc.  Samantha is raring to go!  Max is ready for school, but I think the idea of the uniform is still chaffing a little.  I will try and get a picture tomorrow, but may be unable as the fury of Max is not to messed with in the morning!  Patrick will walk them to the bus stop in the morning and then catch the train to work and I will meet them in the afternoon for the walk home......at least until they say "Oh Mom, really"!  Hard to believe they are getting to the age when I can embarass them just by being there!  

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