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Saturday, December 8, 2012

....the holidays approach

 The paper chain counting down the days is getting shorter....  Patrick has returned home from Istanbul ending his usual trip right before the holidays..... The kids are increasingly harder to wake up for school with each dark, cold morning...... I am feeling guilty (and giddy! *singing* "I don't have to walk the dogs!") about kenneling the dogs for almost 3 weeks.....
Cold mornings = hard to wake-up kids

Polar Bear Plunge 2011
Down to 10 DAYS!  Flying out on the morning of the 18th and hitting N.C. about 5:30 p.m. thanks to the time difference.  After a quick tour of all the things missed in N.C. (as best we can in a week!) we will head to Florida on Christmas day and stay until the New Year for the annual fondue New Year's Eve dinner and the Polar Bear Plunge with the Budds and Omi.

 Getting ready for New Year's Eve Fondue

We have been trying to get in the spirt by checking out the Christmas Markets around Paris.  The lights are up along the roadways in each little suburb making the evening and early mornings sparkly.  Some of the yummy things we have seen.....

Chocolate covered pears

Macarons and chocolates

Yep even BIO macarons
(although I think ALL macarons are gluten free.....)

These are filled with the softest marshmallow
with flavors like After Eight Mint and White Chocolate with Strawberry

And it's just not sweet treats, but some yummy savory things too.
Wood smoked salmon 
Sausages and peppers
(they suspend a large metal 'plate' over open fire
and grill 'em up)

Okay, so one of these pizzas is "Thon"which is tuna
......so maybe not so yummy to all tastebuds

We even had our first snow.  It was only about an inch, but it was a pretty scene and helped bring on the holiday spirt a little more.
From my living room window

Kids trying to catch snowflakes

We have a few more Christmas markets to check out here and pick up those last "parisian" presents.  The dogs have to be delivered to the kennel on the 17th and then vacation can start.  Needless to say, we are all ready to board the plane and return to the States; to take a break from work (Patrick), school (Max and Samantha) and walking those dogs (me!).  

(as always, click on a picture for a larger view)

Nothing says "Christmas"  like renting a Ferrari
for 70 Euro for 15 minutes

Happy Christmas, pigeons!
Chowing on spilled churros

Stretch Hummer cruising
the Champs Elysees

Lost in translation
This booth was selling hermit crabs.
INNOCUOUS. 1: producing no injury : harmless. 2: not likely to give offense or to arouse strong feelings or hostility.
I hope not!  They're freaking hermit crabs!

Last two items - what??

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