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Monday, November 26, 2012

....a life in flux

Well we still don't know what's happening.  Do we stay or do we go ~ only time will tell and it's SO frustrating.  It seems that there is some debate as to whether the company will pay for a local (within Paris/suburbs) move or would rather buck up 3X the amount to send us back to the U.S.  We are supposed to have a definite answer by the time we leave for Christmas....we will see......

With all that is going on, I have not been very good at blogging, but it has been said that "a picture is worth a thousand words" so instead of trying to think of witty things to say and delaying a blog post even further, I have decided to post some pictures of our recent ventures.

Early October and time to celebrate
Max and Samantha's 12 birthday

American burgers and foo-foo smoothies!
October was VERY rainy
It did make everything really green though 

France really doesn't do much for Halloween, but we were happy to find pumpkins at a wonderful farm, Ferme de Gally, about a 25 minute ride from our house.
Samantha's pumpkin
Max's pumpkin
Lots of good choices

Nothing says Halloween like fluffy chickens (?)
Pete and Robin came for a visit at the end of October.  We had a great time visiting museums and took a road trip to Orleans to see where Joan of Arc started her campaign.
Musee des Arts et Metiers
Part of the museum is housed in an old church

Musee des Arts et Metiers

Yet another Lady Liberty in France

We waited until November to have the kids' birthday party.  There was a new facility opening close (20/25 minute drive) to the house that looked like it would be great for both kids (SpeedPark) and we are all for "killing two birds......".  Both kids had 7 guests each for a whopping total of 16 kids running around!  Everybody played laser tag, bowled and did the go-carts!  We had to split the karting into two runs, first the girls and then the boys.  Patrick and I have both decided NEITHER kid will be allowed to drive EVER!

The boys carting
(this is a very trusting employee....or crazy...standing on
the wall as the boys speed around the corner)
Girls cheering the boys on
Sam none too happy with that attempt
Max and some buds checking the scores
(Max is still the tallest.....)

As close as I could get the two of  them for a picture that day!

I also took a couple of cooking classes - one on making baguettes and one on traditional French breakfast pastries.  I do have to say that I now have a better understanding as to why a baguette costs about .50 cents and a croissant costs 3 times as much.  Those buggers take a lot of work!

So now we are on the countdown to the return to the U.S.A. and Christmas.  The paper chain has been made and Advent calendars started (we used them to count down the days until we leave because we won't be here to use them the traditional way).

It looks soooo long!
Can't wait to get back

The Christmas markets have sprung up around town and the weather is definitely colder......

Christmas Market on the Champs Elysees

So all in all, things are going good.  We are all excited to return to the U.S. for Christmas and the kids are ready for a break from school and homework.  So now the hard part.....waiting to go.....and finding out our fate regarding our stay (hopefully) before we fly.

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