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Monday, June 20, 2011

......Soldes are upon us

This is the first official Soldes since we have arrived.  Here is a brief definition of Soldes in Paris:

Sales are state-regulated in France and generally run during two periods of the year: once in summer, just before the massive exodus toward the sea and sun, and once in the winter, shortly following Christmas. Department stores, boutiques, designer outlets, and even hardware shops clear out items from the previous season, gradually slashing prices over the course of the sales period.
Patrick and I experienced one when we were here last December.  Well actually I think it was pre-Soldes since we were here before Christmas.  We have been told it is the equivalent of Black Friday only these biannual sales last 6 weeks with discounts going up each week but if you want the "good stuff" it will go in the first weeks.
Now herein lies the problem.  People in Paris do not know how to form a line!  I have been to Black Friday sales in the U.S.  Yes, people will try to "cut in" the line, but there is a line. It should look something like this:

The "lines" (or queues) here look something like this:

But increase it by two more people side to side and then add the people who linger around the sides and front.  These "lines" are not just for sales, but can be seen at the Metro stations, bus depots, checkout counters.

I imagine that when the Soldes start the line might look like this:
"Ve Vant fashion"

Even when angry, U.S. crowds still keep in line, but might appear like this:

Just a short post for now.....got to go make dinner.  Patrick is in Prague for the next two weeks and the kids are in their last two weeks of school.  I doubt I will be checking out any sales myself, but there are some stores that offer online deals...might have to check those out from the comfort of my own home....no line!

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