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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I went to the kid's school play

I was going to call this post

"And then.... I saw a bunch of 9, 10 and 11 year olds in a play about Jews struggling in Russia and they all had British accents"

but thought that might be too long ~

The kid's school music department put on Fiddler On The Roof with the fourth and fifth graders.  What a big undertaking!  And as the British mom's say it was "bloody brilliant"!  The kids did great and the leads in the play where suprisingly good.  We were told that we couldn't take video and to please refrain from photography because of the distraction, but I held the i-Phone low and recorded some of the songs! **Shame, shame**

Okay..this is where I was going to have a little sample 
of the music I surreptitiously recorded
but I couldn't get the file to load.  Maybe when Patrick gets back in town....

I also snuck a few pictures as the kids were filing in.
No, the other children aren't evil....
red eye reduction fail!

Max in back row, second from the right

I overheard some of the parents before the play discussing how they thought Fiddler was a strange choice for the music teachers (two older, very dynamic men) to pick.  I mean, why not a play of persecution, poverty, and the struggle to hold on to one's beliefs in the midst of a hostile and chaotic environment?  I mean what 10 year old can't relate to the constricting customs required of them by Judaism within Russia on the brink of revolution and Jews feeling increasingly unwelcome in their villages?

But seriously, I applaud them.  The music is fantastic.  Great songs like "Sunrise, Sunset", "Matchmaker", "If I Were A Rich Man" and my personal favorite "Do You Love Me?".  The play also has wonderful comedic scenes which the kids played to a "T".  Great choice by these guys!  Not traditional, but really how many times can parents sit through "The Music Man" or terrible (and in my opinion, too mature content!) renditions of "Grease"?  And most of all, the kids had fun and were proud of their production.  **claps all around**

I wish I could have recorded the whole thing!  Patrick unfortunately is in Prague and missed it, but I anxiously await next year and have put in a request that he not travel the last two weeks of school next year.  Too much to miss!

And now ~ Wet Dog, Part Deux

Einstein says, "This is SO not cool"
(sorry about picture quality ~ dark hallway plus laughing at the poor, pitiful creature!)

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