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Sunday, July 29, 2012

...we're hitting the road

Since we have officially been here for a year and half now, we decided to try a vacation the way the French do....we are hitting the road for the month of August.  However, every time I think of doing a European road trip, this pops into my head!

Let's hope that since we have been here and driving, we will fair a little better than this!

We will actually not be on the road the whole month, we have to pick the dogs up from the kennel August 18, but Patrick flexed his European privileges and is taking from now until August 27th off (no one bats an eye when you ask for a month off in the summer!). While a lot of the French do leave the city in August, most go to their country homes or the coast, but since we have don't have a country home, we decided to do a little tour and "borrow" people's homes along the way (got to love AirBNB!).

We will be starting today with a day trip to Thoiry Zoo Park.  A combination zoo, drive through Safari and Castle all in one.  I have read good reviews about this place from some of the mom's groups I subscribe to and decided to give it a try.  You actually drive your own car through their Safari park and have seen some cool pictures taken by people of the wild life.  Let's hope we have some "social" animals today!

Tomorrow we head for the German portion of our trip and start in Mainz.  After Mainz, we will head to Hechingen for a day on our way to Legoland (come on, kids can only see so many churches and castles in a row!).  After getting a "plastic brick fix", we head to Salzburg for four days where we hope to take some day trips to Eisriesenwelt Ice CavesHitler's Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden, and maybe try to squeeze in  a sled run that the ski places have in the summer. After that we head to Munich (longest portion of the trip-7 days there) and have lots on our list to squeeze in but some highlights are:

For Samantha:  Neuschwanstein Castle  This is the castle that was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disney.

For Max:  Going to see a soccer match with Dad

For Patrick:  Hmmmm.... let's see......BEER!  Besides being in the land of beer, we are planning a side trip to Kloster Andechs which is the home to one of his (and my brother in law, Art's) most favorite beers.  We are also going to pay homage to to BMW by visiting the museum.  Let's hope I can limit his spending to beer and not arrive back in France a TWO car family!

After Munich, we will head back to France.  No real direction in mind yet (left that option open) but might drop in and visit Rheims which is known for their wine and champagne.

The dogs have already successfully started their vacation at their favorite doggie hotel and spa, La Tuilerie.

Einstein "catching some air" on
the way to the kennel

"Fear not, I will lead you by the power of my nose!"
Yeah, right.  Get your head back in the car before a bug
flies up your nose!

I will try to post along the way but really depends on the internet connections.  Wish us luck and not too many roundabouts!  Look, kids..........

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