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Friday, September 2, 2011

....I leave Paree...for a short while....

I am boarding a plane on Wednesday, 9/7, to head to Jacksonville, FL for a wedding.  Shanan (who many of you may know!) is getting married 9/10/11.

I will exchanging places with my mother-in-law as she lives in Jacksonville (stroke of luck my good friend moves about a mile away from mother-in-law and sister-in-law and her family) and returning Tuesday, 9/12.  My MIL will stay on for about another two weeks after I get and we plan to taking day adventures while the kids are in school!

So much left to do......yeah!
I am ready to get back to the States but having just watched "Midnight In Paris",  I will be happy to come back and share Paris with my MIL.  During the opening credits of this movie, I was happily surprised that I recognized a lot of the places and can say that now I have been there.  I thought the movie was great!  It shows Paris realistically (except for the time-machine taxi back to the 20's).  But,  actually there are parts of Paris where you can actually feel like you have gone back in time.  There is still some of that "bon vivant" feeling along some to the "rues" and that "life is for living" feeling.  It is a beautiful city (and once you get over the feeling of "offending the French" for being here) a great place to live for awhile.

So, I am taking an empty suitcase with me to stock up on things I can't find here.  I totally plan to buy about 2 pounds of brown sugar!

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