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Friday, May 27, 2011

...some theories

The question has been asked "how do French women stay so skinny and eat all that bread, cheese, etc."  Now first of all, there are plus size French women of all ages.  I have seen them with my own eyes.   That being said, there does seem to a disproportionate number of thin women to plus size women here.

I think that part of the reason French women stay fit is that they walk EVERYWHERE.  And because they walk everywhere, they carry all their possessions with them.

Kinda hard to tell from this picture (taken on the down low!).  This lady is pausing to eat her breakfast of some kind of pastry before she gets back up and lugs her purse, rolling suitcase,briefcase and purchases to her next destination.
This lady is walking to work lugging a huge, stuffed backpack, an overflowing briefcase and a bag of unknown items (it could be bricks for all we know).  And not only is she lugging al this stuff, she is wearing heels.

Okay, that's another thing.  These women are walking everywhere but still have to be "styling" so they are walking in high heels!  This place is probably a podiatrists dream!
Even summer sandals have heels

This lady actually ran for the bus in these shoes!

They also drink, drink, drink lots of water.  I can understand this.  When a 12 oz. can of Coke costs on average about $2.00 and a bottle of water is .60, it only makes economical sense.  Plus they have these great syrups over here (kinda like Starbucks flavor shots) in all kinds of flavors.  At bottle of syrup on average costs $2.00 but can flavor about 30 glasses of water.  They come in fruit flavors (strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, gernadine......) and the very odd mint.  I had to try this one.  Well, not my best purchase because what it makes is the equivalent of a glass of mouthwash!  Oh well, live and learn.

On a side note, as I was walking in Paris doing some errands, I saw what had to be one of the oddest (and largest) ad placements ever.
This is on one the side of the Louvre!

Can't really do justice to the size of this ad in pictures!

Then right by the Metro entrance there was this fountain........
Okay, I know "art" comes in all styles, but really.....
water vomiting pharaohs?

Didn't his Mummy tell him it's not nice to spit?!?!

Stay tuned, I'm working on a theory for why the French don't smile....... maybe for the women it's because of the pain from the high heels and sore shoulders from carrying everything they own........


  1. I love how I look in heels, but cannot wear them all the time! Love reading all the blog posts, and hope you all are doing well:)

  2. Looking forward to your next post as to why they don't smile. We should compare notes!