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Monday, March 21, 2011

....we had sun all weekend! Spring is making itself present!

Still a little chilly, but the sun has made an appearance and seems to be happy staying around.
The trees by our Tram stop

This weekend we didn't have an real plans except a used book sale sponsored by an American Help Line here in Paris.  Being that I have had moments of almost needing to call a help line (**wink**) since I have been here, I thought that was a cause I could get behind.  All the books were English language books and there were a ton of them.  People were encouraged to clean their bookshelves and bring them with them to the sale so there was a good selection.  We all found some books and the price was right!  1 Euro each!

The book sale was held in a space in a law office that was down by the Eiffel Tower, so we decided to stroll around and get some lunch.  We passed a couple of places with the traditional French offering but turned down a side street and found a Chinese place.  We decided to give French Chinese a try.  It was a neat little place where you picked out what you wanted and then they heated it up for you.  The French don't do spicy, so everything was tasty but "tame".  Thankfully for Patrick they did have the little jars of hot pepper sauce on the table.

After lunch we walked down to the Eiffel Tower and people watched for awhile.  Since the sun was out, there were plenty of people to watch.  You can tell the locals though, they were still in their down coats and scarves.  I have decided the French have a different internal thermometer.  They wear huge coats and scarves and then go into heated stores and leave them on.  Patrick and I are immediately shedding layers as we walk through the doors since the inside temperature is set to "tropical".  But not the French...they continue to walk around in full winter clad fashion.  So I am sure some locals were looking at the crazy Americans in their shirtsleeves thinking "oh poor things, they don't have proper fashion".
Sam sans coat!
The rest of family is back to work and school.  Samantha has a playdate with a girl from school this Sunday, so we are planning to rent a car next weekend so we can go directly to friend's house  and make another pilgrimage to Ikea.  I also hope to squeeze an outing for the dogs in too.  The girls really need a good run and hopefully we can take them down to an open area and turn 'em loose!

That's all I've got for now.....except some more pictures......

RER stop on the way home from the Eiffel Tower

River taxi

Max insisted I take a picture of
his Metro pass....

The boys at the Tram stop


  1. So enjoying following the family in Paris. Cheryl Ann Welsh

  2. So enjoying following the family in Paris. Cheryl Ann Welsh