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Monday, March 7, 2011

.....some random photos

Last time my post was a little negative.  Today I thought I would remedy that and just post a few pictures of some everyday things that are lovely here.

As I go to the supermarket in the neighborhood, I am greeted by this view.  There is a florist right next to the market and seeing it always makes me feel better!

Pretty flower...and not too expensive!

Then as you are leaving the market, there is a local bakery right at the entrance.  It is a chain, but there stuff is yummy and they have better service (so far.....) than the privately owned bakeries I have been in. But no negative posts today....I will save the story of the burned bread from the private neighborhood bakery for a later date........

I'll take one of everything, please!
Since this bakery doesn't sell burned bread, they occasionally toss their "rejects" out to the waiting crowd.  Nope, not a crowd of people but these guys.
Some of the fattest pidgins I have ever seen

All made out of chocolate
On the way to meet the kids bus in the afternoon, I pass a gourmet chocolate shop.  I have not been in, yet, but often pause to admire their window display.
Yep, a chocolate high heel!

That's all I have for now.......see not everything is negative.  There are some really lovely things and not just the tourist things.  Everyday I see something new and remember that's why we came....to experience the differences.  Viva La France!

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