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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

....it's Tuesday

So yesterday was typically Monday.  I wanted to walk after work, but forgot to pack my tennis shoes.  I figured "oh well, I'll just sit and peddle a bike for awhile, don't need gym shoes for that".  After about 5 minutes of peddling, I had to quit.  Not because of my lack of footwear (I was wearing my Merrill flops), but my butt was killing me!  You would think I would have enough natural padding to be able to sit there for years without feeling the seat!  Nope, not the case......so I just called it a non-exercise day and went and picked up the kids.

Patrick was meeting a client/friend after work for drinks, so the kids and I had Ragu and noodles.  Of course there was the garlic toast - of which Samantha only eats the middle out of one piece and I only get about 1/2 piece because Max gives me the "puppy eyes" and requests half of mine after eating THREE pieces on his own.  Max has a creation he loves to make on Spaghetti nights.  He calls it a "Spaghetti sandwich" which involves taking a piece of garlic bread, loading noodles and sauce on top, then folding it "New York pizza style" and consuming it in about 3 bites!  Hey, whatever....at least he eats a good dinner!

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